2011 Ford F-350 Full Truck Wrap In Smithfield North Carolina

Does your vehicle need a new “paint” job? What if I told you that you could change the color of your car with vinyl? Would you believe me?

Wrapping a vehicle is very similar to painting a vehicle but there are also some differences. When you wrap/paint a vehicle, there are some parts that have to be taken apart to make sure you cover the entire vehicle with the new color. With trucks - some things that have to come off are the bed, the mirrors, the door handles, trim pieces and the badges. While taking some of these things off can be challenging, it’s worth it in the end when you see the final product. One major difference in wrapping and painting is that a wrap can be temporary. Meaning if you get tired of the new color, you can simply take the wrap off. With painting, you can’t just pull the new paint off and be back to your original color. With wrapping, there aren’t any limits. There are so many color options, patterns and you can even custom design your own patterns. Who wouldn’t love a personalized vehicle? 

Mike Wilchinski from Anchors Aweigh Tattoo Company decided he wanted a new color for his 2011 Ford F-350. He decided to go with Cheetah Wrap in the color “Satin Red Aluminum”. 

When we received Mike’s truck - there was some body work that needed to be done and we had to take the truck apart so we could properly wrap it. Mike removed the trim pieces down each side years ago and had some black vinyl installed. The first step for us was to remove the vinyl that was on the truck and make sure no adhesive was left behind and that the paint was in good condition. Once we removed the vinyl, the next step was giving the truck a good wash. With wrapping - you want to make sure the surface is as smooth as possible so you get a good install.The next step is taking the vehicle apart. This is when the bed of the truck is removed, the door handles come off, any trim on the outside is taken off, the mirrors come off and the badges. Once we had everything removed, we gave the truck one final wipe down to prepare for the vinyl. When installing vinyl, you take it one “panel” at a time. Each panel will get it’s own piece of vinyl. Once you get all of the vinyl installed - it’s time to start putting the vehicle back together. This is when you finally get to see all of your hard work come together and see the finished product! Mike’s truck took around 50-55 hours to complete. That may seem like a lot of time but seeing his reaction made every second of work worth it. 

Overall - wrapping this truck was an absolute pleasure for us and we are so thankful Mike let us make his dreams come true! 


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