Incognito Paint Protection Film

Have you ever wondered how tough paint protection film actually is? We decided to find out! We decided to use our Xtreme Shades work van as the "test dummy". The van has a full vinyl wrap and then we installed Autobahn Paint Protection film over it for extra protection. Just how protected is it though? 

Autobahn states that Incognito PPF has an infused construction that will maximize hydrophobicity. This means any liquids will bead up and roll of the film with ease. We of course had to try this out ourselves and see the results. When we poured water on the hood, it rolled off like nothing we've ever seen. It was crazy at how fast the water turned to beads and just fell off. The water beading test was successful. Let's see what we can test next!

Incognito PPF has self healing properties meaning if you get a minor scratch or swirl marks, they will disappear over time which will leave the paint on your vehicle looking like new for years. We could definitely do a test on that but... people also get PPF to protect their paint from rocks that fly off of trucks and debris falling from trees while they're driving down the road. We decided to really put this PPF through the ringer and see just how strong it actually is.

We took a large rock and scrapped it down the hood of the van. Then proceeded to rub mud on it, dirt, color on it with a sharpie, spray paint it and throw road debris on it. Yeah.. we are crazy! With us doing all of this, we will have to remove the PPF so we can apply a new piece. No worries though - Autobahn offers a LIFETIME warranty. This ensures that if something like this happens, the PPF will be replaced for free! When other companies only offer a 10 year warranty or less. As  you can see in the video, we damaged this PPF pretty bad but the vinyl wrap should look good as new once we take the PPF off. Watching the PPF come off and not seeing a single mark of damage to the vinyl was absolutely mind blowing! 

Were you nervous the vinyl was going to be damaged? We were skeptical but clearly the Incognito PPF does exactly what its supposed to do! Would you put this on your car to protect your paint? Call us today to get a free quote!


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