Toys For Lil’ Troops 2021 In Smithfield North Carolina

What’s your favorite part about Christmas? Receiving gifts? Giving gifts? Giving back to the community? All of the above?

With all of the support our community shows us, we decided we wanted to give back to them. There were many ways we could give back to our community but we decided to hold a fundraiser for “Toys for Little Troops” which is apart of the United States Veterans Corps.

The United States Veterans Corps is a Corps of Military and First Responder Veterans performing “Hands On” community service with a mission deployment attitude. This non profit organization has multiple “missions” to help people in need. The “Rescue Ruck” provides food for the US Military and First Responders in need. The “Rescue Response Team” provides aid during natural disasters. They will also respond to other emergency and contingency missions. The “Tactical Caisson Unit/Funeral Honors” is where the US Veterans Corps Tactical Caisson Unit transports US Military and First Responder Veterans. The “Military Vehicles USA” is where a group of veteran volunteers restore military vehicles and equipment for civilian service. There objective with this is to educate and serve the community with the historic vehicles. “Operation Coming Home” provides custom Hero Homes for troops that have been injured in combat operations. They also have the “Toys for Lil’ Troops” mission. 

Toys for Lil’ Troops was founded by Marine Veteran, SSgt Stan Pinkus. His goal was to provide toys specifically to the children of low income and deployed troops. Every year, the US Veterans Corps delivers these toys to local military installations. They also deliver toys year round to the children of Veteran and First Responder families in need through the Shop with a Cop and Shop with a Sheriff programs. 

With all of the amazing work the United States Veterans Corps does - it was easy for us to make the decision to hold a fundraiser for them. At the fundraiser - we had multiple ways of raising money/toys for the families in need. The first way was people could bring a toy by our office and drop it off or they could bring it to the fundraiser. The second way we raised money was by running a huge special on our window tinting services and we donated all of the profits. We had window tinters from multiple states come and donate their time to help us tint windows all day!  We also had a coffee/food truck come out and they donated 10% of their profits as well. Once the event was over - we raised a total of $5,000 and donated over 1,000 toys! Needless to say - we were very happy with the outcome! 

We are excited to announce that we will be holding another fundraiser this year! Our goal is to make this one bigger and better than last year! We have decided to make this year a two day event instead of a one day event. The dates are 12/10/2022 and 12/11/2022. Saturday, December 10th will be an all day tint-a-thon and cars & coffee. Sunday, December 11th will be a “family day” which will consist of an all day tint-a-thon, vendors, Santa and a bounce house! During these two days - if you bring a toy you will receive a coupon for window tinting. If you have a vehicle you would like to get tinted - we will be running some big sales! Make sure you call us (919-300-1557) ahead of time so we can get you on the schedule! Also, please feel free to just stop by and hangout! 

We can’t wait to see everyone! 

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